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2000年亿门摩配城开业。2000 YIMEN Motorcycle Fitting Kasbah Opening.
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   Quanzhou YIMEN Motorcycle Parts Mansion held a grand opening celebration ceremony on 29th, September; 2000.It was the largest scale, improved facilities motorcycle and parts wholesale market in Fujian province. China Automobile Sales Corp., leaders of province and city, the Macao Commerce Chamber of Fujian,Taiwan delegation attend the opening ceremony. There were nearly one thousand motorcycle industry friends and local people took part in the celebration.
   Quanzhou YIMEN Motorcycle Parts Mansion locates in the front of Quanzhou railway station, near highway from Fuzhou to Xiamen. With the government help Jinjiang South America motorcycle parts industry, Jinjiang company and Quanzhou Mingxing motorcycle parts industry together build the Professional wholesale market. It covers an area of 13000 square meters at the first phase, with almost 20 thousand building area. It includes 304 stores, 8000 square meters of the warehouse, 4000 square meters facilities, with 10 million yuan investment. We will start the building at the end of the year, and about in April next will put into use. It is expected to invest 6 million yuan. Most of the stores have been leased by domestic motorcycle & motorcycle parts company and distributor, mainly engaged in the different brands and wide variety of motorcycle parts at home and abroad. In order to attract more customers, market adopts a series of preferential measures.
   YIMEN Motorcycle Parts Mansion has built close relationship with more than 15000 motorcycle parts company in Fujian province. We are willing to act as agent of advertisement, product promotion meeting, news briefing, finding agents, and sales network establishment for domestic and abroad motorcycle and motorcycle parts company. We do advertisement in domestic motorcycle magazine every year to build a free professional network for factories; what is more, we consign Philippines agent “United Daily News” to do the advertisement and attract investment in Southeast Asia. It provides a favorable condition for distributors to expand Fujian market and enter international motorcycle parts trade.
   YIMEN Motorcycle Parts Mansion is the member of China Automobile Industry Association, and the Governing units of National Motorcycle (Parts) Marketing Association. It provides good environment for motorcycle parts company to expend the market, also creates many business opportunity.
   It is reported that, the 21st(Spring,2001) National Motorcycle & Fittings Exposition will be hold between 15th-17th April. Quanzhou government and YIMEN Motorcycle Parts Mansion will do their best to hold the exposition. Various preparations are under active preparation.
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